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The follow-for-follow method: Twitter


People keep asking me: “How did you gain 60 000 followers on Twitter?” Let’s give you guys some MORE answers! In my previous article you could read that I automated a part of my Twitter account. This is because it was taking me too much time to keep doing the follow-for-follow method. But it’s an amazing method to start with. I still use it sometimes in parallel with automation! After all we can’t automate everything. Twitter needs to know there’s a real person behind the desk.

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How to automate twitter growth


I get this question very often: What can I do to help my Twitter grow? Let’s give you guys a few answers.
To grow on twitter there are a few strategies. Starting with just following the people that might like your product and hope they will follow back. But this is very time consuming. When you grow bigger this will become difficult. Where will you find these people? When do you draw the line of helping others? Do you retweet your competitor?