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Lichdom Battlemage Review

I assume you have played an RPG; since this is a PC game you’ve probably played Skyrim right? Well if you have you probably at one point played spell sword where you attack primarily with some sort of melee weapon and then occasionally make use of some sort of spell to do some damage. Well, Lichdom Battlemage is that minus the sword and with double the destruction.

Lichdom Battlemage is tagged on steam as an RPG, and steam said it was similar to the likes of Skyrim. However, this to me was one simple thing… DOOM with spells. The game doesn’t make use of any currency, and not much of any open world, but it is very much run-and-gun with spells. The only things you collect, are little modifiers that you can use to craft and upgrade spells...

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Ultimagus Review

Ultimagus has the look, feel and sound of an old arcade game. The sort you’d play as a kid in the early 80s for a quarter. I’m sure that, back then, this would have hit the sweet spot between difficulty and challenge. Being a 2D hack and slash with shooter elements it evokes the shooter arcade games of the time. Like Galaga or Galaxian with a landscape format and medieval/fantasy theme. Some might compare it to a tower defense. To be perfectly honest the ‘set it and forget it’ traps and spells are less tower defense and more just a tactical play mechanic. Like land mines or C4 in Metal Gear games.

Although a thematically retro title I expected more of a game built in 2017. I enjoy difficult and complicated games. I’ve sunken countless hours into Dwarf Fortress...

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Review: Goblin Harvest – The Mighty Quest

Goblin Harvest is a turn-based strategy game that represents a board game where you control armies defending towns from hoards of goblins. The game developer advised me to check out the “quick start guide” here and I would highly advise it. The game takes a while to understand and even on the easiest difficulty, I lost my first game before watching that video. Upon starting you notice several options you can tweak and the game includes a 1 out of six difficulty rating based off of those settings. This is a fantastic idea as it helps gamers tweak individual things without worrying about how hard or easy that tweak will make it...

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Review: A Demon’s Game – Episode 1

A Demon’s Game is a first-person horror game where you are Daniel. A man in hell given a mission by a Demon (presumably satan) known as “Lucy” to track down and kill some escaped demons in a sort of “game”.

The game starts off with a noticeable lack of motion blur, or head bobbing which seems to be a staple in a lot of cheap horror games. The atmosphere isn’t super scary to start out with and sends you on some mundane tasks before fighting the first demon. The game makes good use of sound to cause fear while not containing jump scares. In the sewer, you die after coming in contact with water and as such must start the level over. This is frustrating when you are near the end of a level and find no checkpoints occurred...

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First Impression – Legrand Legacy

In the face of certain death, the beast that lies deep within you is awakened…

Forgotten past and future full of opportunities

You are Finn, you are a slave. You have no memory of your past. Being bought by a slave master you have to fight in the Arena for the entertainment of the local folk.

When faced with the Arena champion, the only thing you know for sure is that you want to survive!