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Ultimagus Review

Ultimagus has the look, feel and sound of an old arcade game. The sort you’d play as a kid in the early 80s for a quarter. I’m sure that, back then, this would have hit the sweet spot between difficulty and challenge. Being a 2D hack and slash with shooter elements it evokes the shooter arcade games of the time. Like Galaga or Galaxian with a landscape format and medieval/fantasy theme. Some might compare it to a tower defense. To be perfectly honest the ‘set it and forget it’ traps and spells are less tower defense and more just a tactical play mechanic. Like land mines or C4 in Metal Gear games.

Although a thematically retro title I expected more of a game built in 2017. I enjoy difficult and complicated games. I’ve sunken countless hours into Dwarf Fortress...

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Nintendo Switch


The console we’ve all been waiting for is finally coming, the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo always tries to make a unique console that doesn’t match the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. And you can hate them, but you have to give them kudo’s for that. But what can i expect from a console like Nintendo Switch? Unique only isn’t going to sell. So lets take a look at some announced games!