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The Indie Spot Podcast Episode 8 – Meadow

In this episode of TISP the crew takes a look at Meadow, a “forum in game’s clothing” that takes the form of a cute passive exploration game you can buy here:

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Meadow Review

I typically enjoy perusing the new releases of Indie games on Steam, as you never know what you are going to find. I am always on the lookout for promising and affordable concepts, and I definetly found that in Meadow.

The Jist

Meadow is an environmental explorative MMO. Yes, I did say MMO. The game throws you as an animal into a vast world with almost no explanation, and you will work together with others to collect various forms of “essence”, unlocking emotes, skins, and completely new animals.


A lot of games explain too much and don’t let you discover anything on your own. This isn’t always a bad decision but can be a fatal mistake for combat free games. The exploration is accentuated by a lack of communication to your fellow players, this has pros and cons...