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The Superfluous Review

Space… the final frontier. Not exactly the case in indie games, and neither is a sidescrolling procedurally generated roguelike with pixel art, blah blah blah. However, the superfluous injects this genre with a large amount of creativity and charm.

The first seconds, well… minutes of the game consist of text telling you the situation: You are going to an asteroid, to destroy said asteroid before it destroys the Earth in the near future of 999 years from now. This is when one of the game’s main themes makes its first appearance, humor is in every spurt of dialogue, in sections of the gameplay, and in the way the United World Hegemony’s staff emails you...

Game Reviews, Gaming, Indie Games

Meadow Review

I typically enjoy perusing the new releases of Indie games on Steam, as you never know what you are going to find. I am always on the lookout for promising and affordable concepts, and I definetly found that in Meadow.

The Jist

Meadow is an environmental explorative MMO. Yes, I did say MMO. The game throws you as an animal into a vast world with almost no explanation, and you will work together with others to collect various forms of “essence”, unlocking emotes, skins, and completely new animals.


A lot of games explain too much and don’t let you discover anything on your own. This isn’t always a bad decision but can be a fatal mistake for combat free games. The exploration is accentuated by a lack of communication to your fellow players, this has pros and cons...