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The Indie Spot Podcast Episode 7 – Bribables

In this episode, we will be taking a look at Bribables, the political satire RPG by Rochas found here:

It doesn’t exactly… go well

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CGN – The Social Network of Gaming

A lot of people, especially those in the streaming or video making community, are always looking for a place to share their videos/streams. Good social media platforms for gamers and content creators are few and far between, with things like twitter currently dominating the market. I have been using CGN for a long time and now it is time to sing its praises.

CGN is a sort of forum for gamers and content creators, allowing people to show off their videos they’ve made, streams they are doing, and even a shop where users can sell products like custom controllers they are making. The base UI looks good and feels intuitive, with a lot of polish to make the interface to make the forum feel inviting...

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The use of Youtube and Vidme

Youtube is a very popular social media to share videos with the world. These videos will be watched by some subscribers and some people that search for that type of video.

The downside of Youtube is that it is very popular. And it now has a very large base of content creators. Also, Youtube has some problems with selling advertisements for the videos. Limiting the small guys.

Vidme is a bit like Youtube, but more based on being content-creator friendly. They replaced an ad-based system for a tip system. If a viewer enjoys a video, they can leave a tip. There is also something similar to ‘like’ button, called upvoting.

Why do I enjoy Vidme

Vidme makes it very easy for a content creator to share videos...

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1-100 Subscribers Lord Way

This article will be about the journey from 1 subscriber to 100 my current count being 162. It will also have some tips in there that I have learned as I have gone along.

Like many others on YouTube I run a gaming channel and it’s quite difficult to make yourself get noticed and stand out from the crowd. And that can be disheartening to a lot of us content creators because we spend a lot of time and effort recording and editing videos and because our audience share is small we may not achieve the views on our videos we want which is unfortunate.

I have had two youtube channels over the years the first was 5 years ago now which was vlogs to camera talking about things like relationships and giving advice on them and it did okay...

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Accepting donations from subscribers.

Smaller content creators on Youtube get discouraged all the time. The Ad-Sense revenue isn’t that much and requires they have at least 70 euros (100 dollars) in earnings to get a payout. For smaller channels this can take years. There is the option of joining an MCN but more about that will come in another article. There are ways outside of Youtube to receive donations from your viewers. This is especially useful if the Fan Funding system isn’t available in your country. You could simply link to your Paypal for donations. But I don’t use their system so you’re on your own. Instead we’ll go over methods I’ve tried.

Social Media

The follow-for-follow method: Twitter


People keep asking me: “How did you gain 60 000 followers on Twitter?” Let’s give you guys some MORE answers! In my previous article you could read that I automated a part of my Twitter account. This is because it was taking me too much time to keep doing the follow-for-follow method. But it’s an amazing method to start with. I still use it sometimes in parallel with automation! After all we can’t automate everything. Twitter needs to know there’s a real person behind the desk.

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How to automate twitter growth


I get this question very often: What can I do to help my Twitter grow? Let’s give you guys a few answers.
To grow on twitter there are a few strategies. Starting with just following the people that might like your product and hope they will follow back. But this is very time consuming. When you grow bigger this will become difficult. Where will you find these people? When do you draw the line of helping others? Do you retweet your competitor?