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A quick journey into Disputed Space

This is a title in a beta state. At least to me it feels like there are a lot of features missing. This footage was pulled out of an hour long play session that concluded with one of the worst eye strain headaches I’ve ever had. I would not do it differently though. So here we have a game with a lot going for it. The lone caveat to enjoyability being the intense lighting effects. It could use some more features. The ability to enable or disable an auto aim would be nice. Turn it on and let the electric death stream forth. Turn it off and the HUD give you an ITT* reticle to fire at. Accomplishes roughly the same thing. Let’s go over a break down of the current build:

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Dystoria. Tri-coastal’s love letter to 80s and 90s kids.


A fine example of how the Unity engine was meant to be used and a loving mix of 80s era goodies. The game reminds me most of an inverted Tempest. It does draw deeply from the Decent well too. A recent game that’s much like this is Vektor War. That game lacked the need for a sixth axis and played more like an FPS. The art styles and mechanics are similar. The ships you can unlock have a lot in common with vessels you’d see in popular movies and other games. Someone look at the one being serviced on the mothership and tell me that’s not an X-Wing. Ofc it isn’t but the look vaguely related. The levels look like either a Decent level turned inside out or maybe an intentionally  failed Tetris puzzle. They can get very complex early on.

Dystoria uses a heavy synth-w...

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So you want to be an Indie Game Developer

So you want to be an indie game developer, or you have at least had the thought, “I bet I could make a video game if I really wanted to,” but you don’t know where to start. With the indie game market constantly growing and new indie games being released every day, there is no shortage of stories, both positive and negative, that could start you on your path. In an effort to help those that want to finally take that first step, I present to you my experience.