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All of the Indie Games at E3

During this year, we saw a lot of indie games, and I am going to describe all of the ones shown off. These all look pretty cool, and most will be coming to PC, which is awesome.


Microsoft’s conference killed it on the Indie Game front, showing indie title after indie title, each brings fantastic, unique projects. Everything from 3d FPS’s to 2d exploration games was shown, and I can’t wait to see the finished product of each of these.

-Deep Rock Galactic (Ghost Ship Games)

Microsoft gave us a look at the Co-op FPS indie game Deep Rock Galactic developed by Ghost Ship Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. The game depicts a team of dwarves mining a variety of resources and defending themselves on an alien planet...

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A quick journey into Disputed Space

This is a title in a beta state. At least to me it feels like there are a lot of features missing. This footage was pulled out of an hour long play session that concluded with one of the worst eye strain headaches I’ve ever had. I would not do it differently though. So here we have a game with a lot going for it. The lone caveat to enjoyability being the intense lighting effects. It could use some more features. The ability to enable or disable an auto aim would be nice. Turn it on and let the electric death stream forth. Turn it off and the HUD give you an ITT* reticle to fire at. Accomplishes roughly the same thing. Let’s go over a break down of the current build:

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Maybe I can have a salad instead? Review of Cooking Witch.

Here there be Taboos:
The premise is off-putting. It just is. The concept of cannibalism for any reason gives all of us a visceral reaction. Let’s go over the scene: You are playing a video game as an evil witch who eats children. Still sounds bad huh? Let’s keep going! The children are left out in the open around fireworks. The amazing parents only show up when they can get their fat butts out of the tent. They only bother when the kids ring a bell. The kids don’t even look like people. More like pumpkin headed, free range (and color coded) semi ambulatory pinatas. They don’t even look like the adults. Even if the concept still seems like a terrible idea for a game I will ask you to watch a mere 5 minutes of gameplay. Because as a game it holds itself quite well.

With that out of the way...

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Ultimagus Review

Ultimagus has the look, feel and sound of an old arcade game. The sort you’d play as a kid in the early 80s for a quarter. I’m sure that, back then, this would have hit the sweet spot between difficulty and challenge. Being a 2D hack and slash with shooter elements it evokes the shooter arcade games of the time. Like Galaga or Galaxian with a landscape format and medieval/fantasy theme. Some might compare it to a tower defense. To be perfectly honest the ‘set it and forget it’ traps and spells are less tower defense and more just a tactical play mechanic. Like land mines or C4 in Metal Gear games.

Although a thematically retro title I expected more of a game built in 2017. I enjoy difficult and complicated games. I’ve sunken countless hours into Dwarf Fortress...

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Lunar lander meets Thexder in retro-riffic nod to classical gaming.

As I browsed the art assets the publisher placed on the Steam page for this game I had a sinking feeling someone had taken a 90s era PC game and uploaded it to Valve’s storefront. Boy was I ever wrong. Not only was my fear unfounded I was also delighted when I got the chance to play it for myself. In Captain Kaon you play as the titular heroine. Or should I say Anti-heroine? As an ex-con with a checkered past and a commuted sentence Kaon comes fully equipped with an attitude, a lot to prove and an itchy trigger finger. As one of the few remaining gunship pilots she’s been given command over the Argus. The flagship of the defense fleet...

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Retroid II: The Return of the Rogue-Like – Star Rogue

First let me spoil the score and explain myself.

Score: 5/10
Now.. Before I get strung up by indie-diehards let me say this is a perfectly acceptable score.
A passing grade.
Little Timmy gets promoted with his classmates.
Stay tuned for the full explanation.

A Meta-goal wrapped in an accomplishment-vania and served with a scoop of nostalgia:
Remember the Nintendo-hard era? When a blue robot had to ride platforms that could drop him mid air? When a sure-footed plumber might meet his end on a slippery landing? Where a young man could pop his name into a code dialog and find out the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy was also a lady? You ‘membah? If you don’t that’s just fine too...

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CGN – The Social Network of Gaming

A lot of people, especially those in the streaming or video making community, are always looking for a place to share their videos/streams. Good social media platforms for gamers and content creators are few and far between, with things like twitter currently dominating the market. I have been using CGN for a long time and now it is time to sing its praises.

CGN is a sort of forum for gamers and content creators, allowing people to show off their videos they’ve made, streams they are doing, and even a shop where users can sell products like custom controllers they are making. The base UI looks good and feels intuitive, with a lot of polish to make the interface to make the forum feel inviting...