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Ultimagus Review

Ultimagus has the look, feel and sound of an old arcade game you’d play as a kid in the early 80s for 25cents. And I am sure that back then it would have hit the spot in terms of difficulty and challenge. Being a 2D, pixel hack and slash shooter (I do not really see it as tower defense honestly), it does well in evoking the shooter arcade games of the time.

However, it’s 2017 and I was expecting more. I enjoy difficult and complicated games, I’ve sunken countless hours in Dwarf Fortress, I rarely start a game on anything below hard difficulty, and will keep trying until I can master the product! But the basic need to be fun! And I struggled to find the fun in Ultimagus.

You start off on a plain looking plain, with only one spell at your disposal, Fireball...

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Lunar lander meets Thexder in retro-riffic nod to classical gaming.

As I browsed the art assets the publisher placed on the Steam page for this game I had a sinking feeling someone had taken a 90s era PC game and uploaded it to Valve’s storefront. Boy was I ever wrong. Not only was my fear unfounded I was also delighted when I got the chance to play it for myself. In Captain Kaon you play as the titular heroine. Or should I say Anti-heroine? As an ex-con with a checkered past and a commuted sentence Kaon comes fully equipped with an attitude, a lot to prove and an itchy trigger finger. As one of the few remaining gunship pilots she’s been given command over the Argus. The flagship of the defense fleet...

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Preview: Earthfall

Earthfall is in Early access. This won’t represent the final product.

It was time for me to play a new game. So I did a little looking around and Earthfall looked interesting. I saw some screenshots on Steam and had to try it. So here we are, in Earthfall. Okay, the game isn’t that well optimized so let’s try tweaking some settings. I tried to go for high setting but it still presented a lot of lag. So I’ve used the game’s Medium preset for this.

When I finally found a preset that was playable I jumped straight in. When I decided to attempt a review this game only had four campaign missions available. So I played them ALL. Though it was short I’ve got plenty of details to go over.

Genre: Sci-Fi Survival/Horror

Earthfall is comparable to Left4Dead2… with aliens...

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Dungeon Souls Review

Dungeon Souls is one of many 2d roguelike top-down procedural indie dungeons crawlers, and that is part of the problem. On its own, this game is fine, but the market is very saturated and some games have set the bar high, and this game just isn’t hitting that bar.

My first problem is the controls, the game offers full gamepad support, but is basically useless as the aiming is awful, and the D-pad and joystick are equally clunky. The keyboard works fine, but some controls, such as switching to different abilities, don’t mesh well with the combat and require you to backtrack often, leading to unnecessary slow downs in the combat. You also cannot bind this to the scroll wheel and must use something on the keyboard...

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Ruin of the Reckless Review

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In the video: I will be taking a look at Ruin of the Reckless by Faux-Operative Games

Game description: Ruin of the Reckless is a breakneck-paced, melee-focused roguelike brawler with very light persistent progression elements and a punishing difficulty curve. Play with a friend!

Made by: Chocolatier Games




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The Indie Spot Podcast Episode 5: Sort the Court vs Reigns vs The Yawhg


In this episode, we compare 3 indie games all about managing a kingdom. We are looking at Sort the Court (Browser – Free), Reigns (IOS – $2.99), and The Yawhg (Steam – $9.99)

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Armed with Wings Rearmed Review

Armed with Wings Rearmed is a 2D puzzle action platformer, where you control a female warrior and her trusty raven, as you hack and slash your way through the desolate landscapes.

The first thing that stands out is the art, Armed with wings uses an HD black and white look, with smooth edges that look like ink blotted on paper, this fits extremely well with the desolate feel the game gives, and even better with the smooth animations and combat, but we will get to that later. The art is awesome and the minimalist colors look great in the desolate feel the game provides. The accompanying music adds to this feel, and the sound effects match that. I love the parallax scrolling, and the foreground is well placed to add a small twinge of doubt before a big fight.

Speaking of the combat, it is...

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Retroid II: The Return of the Rogue-Like – Star Rogue

First let me spoil the score and explain myself.

Score: 5/10
Now.. Before I get strung up by indie-diehards let me say this is a perfectly acceptable score.
A passing grade.
Little Timmy gets promoted with his classmates.
Stay tuned for the full explanation.

A Meta-goal wrapped in an accomplishment-vania and served with a scoop of nostalgia:
Remember the Nintendo-hard era? When a blue robot had to ride platforms that could drop him mid air? When a sure-footed plumber might meet his end on a slippery landing? Where a young man could pop his name into a code dialog and find out the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy was also a lady? You ‘membah? If you don’t that’s just fine too...

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Shoppe Keep Review

Shoppe Keep has been out for a while, I first heard about it in 2015 when Sips made a video series about it, I found it intriguing and I like peaceful style games, so I decided to give it a look.

Shoppe Keep has been out since 2015 when it appeared in early access, and it released in “full” in may of 2016. You will see why I put “full” in quotation marks later. The basic gameplay is this: you are a merchant in a world of heroes, peddling your goods to every knight, mage, and townsperson that finds its way to your store. You sell anything for as much of a profit as possible to expand your store, and fight of hordes of barbarians, and thieves that seek to steal some of your precious wares...